• Ebook An introduction to language (7th edition)

    Ebook An introduction to language (7th edition)

    Ebook An introduction to language is ideal for use at all levels and in many different areas of instruction including education, languages, psychology, anthropology, teaching English as a second language (tesl), and linguistics.

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  • Giáo Trình TRANSLATION 1&2

    Giáo Trình TRANSLATION 1&2

    An increasing number of universities in Vietnam have added courses in translation to their curricula; however, the textbooks available for such courses are few. This unit has been written with these courses in mind. The unit is designed to provide the learners with some basic principles of translation which will be generally useful to translation courses in universities and colleges, to help the learners avoid some errors they may encounter...

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  • Giáo Trình TRANSLATION 5

    Giáo Trình TRANSLATION 5

    TRANSLATION 5 is a basic course book written for the second-year students of the Department of English, College of Foreign Languages, Hue University. It is intended to equip the students with an overview of translating Vietnamese and English scientific texts. It also helps the students get familiar with the terms related to science and technology as well as the typical structures frequently used in scientific and technological texts. Since the...

     90 p mku 14/05/2012 391 3

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