Chapter 7 Create, Add, Delete, and Edit Data in a Disconnected Environment

Create a DataSet graphically. Create a DataSet programmatically. Add a DataTable to a DataSet. Add a relationship between tables within a DataSet. Navigate a relationship between tables. Merge DataSet contents. Copy DataSet contents. Create a typed DataSet. Create DataTables. Manage data within a DataTable. Create and use DataViews. Represent data in a DataSet by using XML. (NO) Use the OleDbDataAdapter object to access an ADO Recordset or Record. Generate DataAdapter commands automatically by using the Command-Builder object.

Before we go…
Con.connectionString=“….”; /// con.Open(); - do not need cmd.Connectiion=con; cmd.CommandType="Select .. ", conSinhVien) cmd.CommandText=“Select * from …”; DataAdapter da=new DataAdapter(); Da.SelectCommand=cmd; Dataset Ds=new Dataset(); Da.Fill(Ds); DataGrid1.DataSource=ds.tables[0];

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Lesson 1:Creating DataSet Objects