Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005 (PART 2)

The Last Word
This chapter covered IIS (the web server that powers ASP.NET websites) and the deployment model for ASP.NET. You also considered the tools that Visual Studio includes to make deployment easier. This rounds out Part 2 of this book, and you now have all the fundamentals you need to create a basic ASP.NET website. In the next part, you’ll dive into practical database programming with ADO.NET.


Working with Data


ADO.NET Fundamentals

o far, you’ve learned that ASP.NET isn’t just a new way to create modern web applications—it’s also part of an ambitious multilayered strategy called .NET. ASP.NET is only one component in Microsoft’s .NET platform, which includes new languages, a new philosophy for cross-language integration, a new way of looking at components and deployment, and a shared class library with components that allow you to do everything from handling errors