• For.Dummies.Ajax.For.Dummies.Feb.2006


    This book gives you the whole Ajax story, from soup to nuts. It starts with a tour of how Ajax is used today, taking a look at some cutting-edge applica- tions (as well as some games). Then, because Ajax is based on using JavaScript in the browser, there’s a chapter on how to use JavaScript (if you already know JavaScript, feel free to skip that material). Then the book...

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  • Programming by Example

    Programming by Example

    This is the fourth version of the book and this version now not only provides VHDL language coverage but design methodology information as well. This version will guide the reader through the process of creating a VHDL design, simulating the design, synthesizing the design, placing and routing the design, using VITAL simulation to verify the final result, and a new technique called At-Speed debugging that provides extremely fast design...

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  • Software quality attributes and trade-offs

    Software quality attributes and trade-offs

    The goal of the course is to increase the competence in key areas related to engineering of software qualities and by this establish a common platform and understanding. The latter should in the long run make it easier to perform future cooperation and joint projects. We will also discuss techniques and criteria for reviewing scientific papers and book chapters. The course is divided into a number of sections, where one (or a group of)...

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  • Sybex Windows 2000 Enterprise Storage Solutions

    Sybex Windows 2000 Enterprise Storage Solutions

    With the Windows 2000 architecture, countless new storage technologies do much more than just complicate your backup and recovery strategy. Many of these technologies will actually make storage management on your network much simpler. Although you may at this point have all of these technologies properly implemented, can you guarantee you will be able to recover everything in a failure? Your enterprise storage software undoubtedly promises...

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  • From DOS/Windows to Linux HOWTO

    From DOS/Windows to Linux HOWTO

    This HOWTO is dedicated to all the (soon to be former?) DOS and Windows users who have decided to switch to Linux, the free UNIX clone. The purpose of this document is to help the reader translate his or her knowledge of DOS and Windows into the Linux environment, as well as providing hints on exchanging files and resources between the two OSes

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  • English for marketing and sales - S

    English for marketing and sales - S

    Kinh doanh tiếng Anh cho giáo viên và quản lý chương trình trong lĩnh vực của ESP cấp độ khác nhau của người học ngôn ngữ trong cùng một lớp

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